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What are rash vests used for?

A rash vest is essentially a t-shirt or top you can wear in the water. It has a few great uses that will make you reach for it every time you're heading out on the water – especially in the summer. Originally, rash guards were designed to protect surfers from the irritation they'd get on their torsos from the surf wax on their boards. However, they also provide protection from the sun, which means you don't have to keep running up the beach to reapply a full body of sun cream. When it's less sunny, they're a good layer to pop on under a wetsuit to prevent any seams rubbing.

Are rash vests good for swimming?

Rash vests are brilliant for swimming and also snorkelling, as it's easy not to feel your skin burning if you're in cool water. For snorkelling especially, when you're face down in the water for longer periods of time, wearing a rash vest will provide much better protection for your torso than sunscreen alone.

Do rash vests keep you warm?

A standard rash vest will provide an extra layer, but it isn't designed for warmth. However, we also stock a good selection of thermal rash vests and neoprene tops, some of which include polypro linings. These can be worn with or without other layers to provide more thermal insulation than a basic rashie.

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