Top picks: Drybags

Drybags are endlessly useful for any watersport enthusiast, whether you’re into surfing, sailing, paddling, or pretty much anything else that involves being on or around the water. You can use them to keep dry stuff dry, or to keep your wet stuff separate from your other gear. Like people though, they come in all shapes and sizes, so you may appreciate a little help in assessing your options.

Lots of our sailing and surf brands produce drybags in a number of sizes so feel free to browse our drybag range for the one that suits you best, but if there’s too many to choose from, we’ve pulled out a few winners for you...

Gul Dry Bag 100L with Ruck Sack Straps 

If you’ve got a lot of gear, this is the one for you. Gul are offering a mighty 100 litres of storage in this bag, with rucksack straps as well so it’s not awkward to carry around. It’s ideal for chucking in wet wetsuits and sailing gear, or all your dry clothes and towels for when you get off the water. If you’re thinking 100 litres is going to be a bit much some of the time, you’ll be pleased to know that the roll-top style of this bag (as well as many of the other drybags on our website), means you can easily squash out the air and reduce the size. The clear front panel on this one is also super useful for seeing what you’ve got in there, instead of having to blindly rummage around, or empty the whole bag every time you need something.

Also available as 6 litre, 15 litre, 30 litre and 50 litre (with rucksack straps).

Nava Performance 20L Drybag with Backpack Straps 

This brightly coloured option from Nava Performance is hard to lose, as well as being made from a robust, durable fabric to survive being chucked around. The 20L size makes this ideal for clothes, valuables and food, and it’s small enough to easily take on the water with you that, whether that’s on a kayak, SUP or dinghy.

Also available as 10 litre (with shoulder strap), 30 litre (with backpack straps) and 40 litre (with backpack straps).

Musto Waterproof Dynamic 40L Back Pack 

Musto’s Dynamic backpack is flatter in shape, which may make it more practical as well as more comfortable for day-to-day use. The 40L main compartment is waterproof, and it also has a smaller, water resistant front pocket for smaller items that might otherwise get lost, although emphasis on this small pocket being water resistant, not waterproof. It includes a hardwearing valve to release pressure and a PVC window to make it easy to find your belongings.

Rip Curl Wettie Wetsack Small 

This one is great for your valuables and snacks, being slightly smaller in size, as well as inflating as a makeshift beach pillow! It’s also useful for chucking your wet things in and then putting in your main bag with your dry stuff, as it packs down small and the material isn’t quite as heavy as some of the other drybags available.


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Written by Eliza Tilbury

Updated on 20th February 2020

Originally published on 31st January 2020 in Kayaking

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