MK8 X Helmets

What The Wake?

We are going to talk you through the main pieces of kit that you will need for the wake season ahead - what’s new, what’s improved and what’s fire right now. 


So you have your board and bindings freshly set up and ready to go, what else are you going to need to get on the water? 


You are going to need some body protection in the form of an impact vest and helmet… but first, let me tell you a little bit about Mystic in wake. 


About Mystic

Mystic was born in 2002 from a group of kite surfers and windsurfers who were drawn to anything extreme - the harsher the conditions - the better. They were finding the kit they were using was putting a cap on their increasing abilities. So they decided to make their own. They tailored the products they wanted and put them to the test in the most extreme conditions and they held up. And so their journey was underway in breaking their boundaries. They then dipped a toe in the wake pond, liked what they saw, and it's been non stop from there. They have a full range dedicated to wakeboarding from high end to essential kit, they have got everyone covered. And now let me tell you about some of the exciting features of said wake kit. 


Impact Vest

The Voltt is the top of the range vest that has everything you could possibly need from a wake vest. This is the vest you will want if you are going to push your riding to the absolute limits. It boasts clash foam plates and sturdy NBR Foam for spine protection which is crucial if you are pushing yourself, and we should also mention that it has CE approval for your safety. The Voltt has M-Flex 2.0 neoprene and then lined with JAKO neoprene on the outside which also adds its edgier look. And of course, the Fox Fleece liner to help you stay warmer with its quick dry properties. The Gem is the women’s version of this vest and has all the same excellent features. Overall, one of a kind impact vest for that rider who is going to need all the protection they can get. The Dom is another one with all the same safety features of the Voltt, and it’s also Dominik Hernler’s signature vest and so has some added detailing to add some extra style to it. 


Next up to definitely look at is the Womens Diva Vest. This comes in three colourways and has a more apparel logo vibe to mix it up a little. You can still find the NBR Foam and also flexibility without compromising protection of the spine with the clash foam. Again, it is CE approved for your safety. The Outlaw in the men’s range comes with a whole dose of the same features as the Diva, even the different logo which really makes it stand out. 


For a more mid range vest, and perfect if you are just getting into wakeboarding, we’re looking at the Stone Vest. This comes in three bold colourways to make sure you really stand out on the water. It will give you all the protection you need when you’re getting to grips with the sport, with its NBR Spine Protection and Clash Foam. The Dazzled is the women’s version of this coming in two great colourways! 


And then we get to the essential range because if you’re wakeboarding - you’re going to need an impact vest and on that CE approved and has plenty of Clash Foam for maximum protection. 


The Star collection is really strong and the vest comes in SIX different colourways! The collection even boasts The Peacock Brothers signature colourways which come in black and white and is branded with the bolt Mystic logo. This collection of vests is perfect if you're rocking The One Wetsuit and want a vest to compliment it - or you want a good quality vest without breaking the bank. The Star also runs through the womens range and comes in black and also a popping mist mint! 



If you’re reading this, then you are going to want a lid - trust me, or any other wakeboarder when they tell you to wear a helmet - we’ve done the groundwork! And possibly multiple trips to A&E over the years. Personally, I would say that Mystic has the best helmet around in the MK8 X. This helmet is not only super comfortable, its CE approved and is made from high impact ABS. These helmets are lightweight, have seriously comfortable foam liners, air holes so your head doesn’t overheat, and have an adjustable dial system so you can tailor the fit even more. And something they have brought in over the past few years is the Fidlock quick release chin closer clasp - it's magnetic and easy to take on and off, but locked in when riding. The MK8 has the same shape, just no Fidlock and no dial closure - but outwardly looks the same but comes in at a lower price point. There are two designs with a peak for the riders that love the peak - the Predator and the Shiznit.  These both have all the excellent qualities that the MK8 X have such as CE approved, lightweight outer shell and the Dial System. 


Neoprene Top

Now you’ve got your vest and helmet, you might want a neoprene top. These are worn for mainly two reasons  - one is that they are an extra layer of neoprene on the colder days and cut the wind chill out. Two is for style points, they just look good. The main player is the Voltage Sweat. This sits really nicely with the One Wetsuit and the Peacocks Star Vest. The sweats are water and wind resistant, they have adjustable hoods with water drain holes, elastic waist strap and velcro wrist straps. They even have pockets! Who doesn’t love anything with pockets. And if you want something that comes in a little less on price, the Star Sweat is available in four different colourways and is perfect for that extra layer of warmth or adding to that style factor. 



And one more thing that you will need is a Poncho. I love a poncho - total game changer for watersports. And you can drive home in them, take them camping, wear them as a dressing gown - the options are endless. The cosiest of ponchos is the new for 2021, is the Teddy Poncho which just feels like a warm hug when you put it on after your wakeboard session. Also new for 2021 is the Velour Poncho which is again super soft and comes in five different colourways varying from black to rainbow! Then you’ve also got the 100% cotton poncho, the Regular Poncho which is again, roomy and comfortable, dries you and gets the job done. 


And just one more - if you’re like me and will go out in pretty much any conditions thrown at you, you might want to take a look at the Deluxe Explore Poncho. This is the mother of all ponchos. Fact. It's got a snug-fleece liner on the inside and it's wind and waterproof on the outside! It even has car seat protection fabric so you don’t ruin your seats on the drive home. I have put this to the test and I can’t rave enough about it. 


So there you go - this should help you get completely set up for your wakeboarding journey. We’ve been through vests, helmets, sweats and ponchos, everything but the kitchen sink. The only question is, what will you go for and which colourways will you choose! 


Written by Lex Balladon, Watersports World UK

Updated on 12th May 2021

Originally published on 4th May 2021 in Wakeboarding

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