Winter Dinghy Sailing Boots

Dinghy sailing boots may be the last item of clothing you put on, but that doesn’t mean they’re not one of the most important. During the harsh winter months, you’re going to need that extra bit of warmth and protection, so it’s vital that you get the right ones before you’re in the middle of the sea where nobody can hear your cries for help.

So the two main important things to get right when buying a dinghy boot for the winter, is fit and thickness.


You should be wearing ankle-high sailing boots for extra coverage. Dinghy sailors tend to have differing preferences when it comes to the style of shoe. Our best bet is a sturdy neoprene sailing boot. They offer a secure, non-slip grip without marking the deck, and many provide reinforced toe and foot protection for use while hiking.


For winter months, you’re more than likely going to want a 5mm sailing boot as they’ll provide optimal warmth and protection from the elements.

Remember to take into consideration what socks you’ll be wearing when you buy your sailing boots. If you’ve got thick thermal socks, you may want to consider going up a size. 

Our Top Picks from the Black Friday sale

We wouldn’t leave you guys without telling you some of our best sailing boots of the season. We’ve ordered them by price so rest assured, you’ll find a pair that fits right in your budget.

Zhik Skiff 4mm Boot - £74.95

These Zhik 4mm Neoprene boots are designed for maximum support, comfort and durability. They feature a supportive upper construction and high grip sole, as well as a side lace system with a 50mm ankle strap.

Neil Pryde Elite 5mm Zipped Hiking Boots - £42.95

These boots feature an excellent non slip durable sole and reinforced upper, specifically for dinghy hiking. Neil Pryde offer incredible value performance.

Crewsaver 5mm Neoprene Boots - £39.95

If you prefer the additional foot protection and stability afforded by a more substantial zip-up boot over a slipper style boot, the zip boot is the ultimate sailing footwear for you. It’s warm, durable and gives plenty of reinforcement around the toes, heel and hiking area.

Gul All Purpose 5mm Boots - £35.95

The GUL APL dinghy sailing boot is the perfect all-rounder, made from 5mm Dura-Flex neoprene.  This boot features Gul’s latest lace system ensuring a secure personal fit with removable and adjustable ankle strap. A reinforced upper, toes and heel ensures durability and comfort.


Typhoon Vortex 5mm Boots - £19.95

Perfect for dinghy, kayak, surf and general beach activities. This ideal all-round watersports boot won’t break the bank, and will keep your feet protected from the harshest winter elements. A waterproof seam seal and grippy reinforcement ensures protection from wear and tear.



Upgrading your dinghy kit for the winter?

Watch our videos below for all the help you could need with Dinghy Layering.

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Updated on 27th November 2018

Originally published on 20th November 2018 in Sailing

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