Warranty FAQs

Q: What do I do if my item has an issue upon arrival?

A: If your item arrives damaged/faulty, please contact our customer services team straight away. You will be directed to a member of our aftersales team who can advise how to proceed in the best fashion. Please do not use the suit/item during this time. Please also keep hold of the original packaging. If the packaging is damaged or looks re-sealed on arrival, be sure to mention this to the team.

Q: How can I activate the warranty if my item/suit is faulty?

A: Please get in touch with the team by sending an email to [email protected]. In order to submit a claim, our warranty team must fulfil necessary criteria, so please include the following within your email:

  • Your order number (this can be located under your Watersports Outlet account).
  • As much detail as possible regarding how the issue occurred, where the fault is located and what the item or suit is being used for. (The more detail we have the better the information we can provide when discussing with the manufacturer).
  • Attach some images clearly illustrating the issue, as well as an image of the item in full (front & back).
With this we can initiate a warranty claim for you.

Q: How does the warranty process work?

A: Having gathered the necessary details. Our warranty team will submit a claim with the agent/manufacturer responsible for the brand of the item. The warranty will only cover manufacturing defects. After sending these details, the outcome of the claim is entirely down to the discretion of the manufacturer. They may decide to repair, replace or credit the item or they may deem the issue not suitable for warranty cover. In the event your item isn't covered under the manufacturer's warranty, then we will be happy to investigate alternative solutions for you including (user) paid-for repair.

Wetsuits & Drysuits

Q: My wetsuit is leaking. What can I do?

A: If you have experienced a leak whilst using your wetsuit, it is important to determine where and what is causing the suit to leak. Please note flatlock seams are not waterproof and will allow ingress naturally. A leaking suit is the result of either a manufacturing fault (split seam) or is the result of a fit issue (an influx of water through openings such as the neck seal or the zip). Please be aware that leaks occurring as a result of fit issues are not covered under warranty. All leaking suits are subject to pressure testing to identify and confirm any faults before they can be covered under warranty.

Q: My drysuit is leaking. What can I do?

A: If a drysuit is not keeping you dry we would ask you to check the following before contacting us;

  • The zips are fully closed and locked into place when using the suit (they can be stiff when new).
  • The seals are a good fit (there are no gaps between the seal or the user).
  • You are wearing something breathable underneath it; cotton will soak up any moisture.
Latex and neoprene seals due to their fragility are not covered by manufacturer's warranty, however if this happens on first use or you are in any way unsure, do let us know. Should you still experience leaking having checked the points above, please follow our "How to activate the warranty" procedure and our warranty team can further advise.


Q: Why is my SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) leaking at the valve?

A: Air escapes from the valve area if it's slightly misaligned or needs tightening up. This a common issue but isn't anything to be concerned about. It's super easy to sort out as part of your regular SUP maintenance regime, simply follow the steps below:

  • Retrieve your SUP repair kit from your bag and locate the valve tool.
  • Remove the valve dust cap and loosen the valve using the valve tool.
  • Fully unscrew and remove the valve.
  • Check the O ring is in place and that the spring on the pin is functioning.
  • Check the valve thread for any other obstructions.
  • Screw valve back into your SUP hand tight, and then finish with the valve tool.

Q: Why is my kayak warped or the material uneven?

A: Sometimes the skin on brand new kayaks can stick to the bladder, so if you remove the bladder completely and inflate it, this will iron out any creases and when you reinstall the bladder this will usually fix the problem.

Q: What should I do if my kayak is leaking/deflating?

A: We will need to locate where the kayak is leaking from. If you switch the valves over and the leak moves to the opposing bladder, there is an issue with the valve. If not, there may be an issue with the bladder itself. Please email us at [email protected]. Put this for the attention of the warranty team. Include as much detail as possible and the following images are essential:

  • An image of the kayak in full.
  • An image of the serial number.
  • An image to illustrate where the kayak is leaking from. (You may be required to remove the deflating bladder to find where it is leaking from Ė usually along the seams).
Please note that inflatables that have been lacerated via external contact during use will not be covered under warranty.

Q: One of the integrated fins on my SUP has warped/bent out of shape?

A: This isn't a fault, in fact integrated SUP fins are designed to be flexible. It allows them to be tough, yet easy to roll away with your board. Every now and then, they can lose their shape while your SUP is in storage, so it's worth checking them after long periods in the bag. Follow these simple steps as and when needed:

  • Use a hair dryer or hot water to heat the fins. This makes them flexible enough to bend.
  • Bend the fins back to their proper position.
  • Use some tape to hold the fins in place while cooling.
  • If you're keen to get back on the water, use some cold water to speed the cooling process up.

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